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Conflicting Discourses: Understanding the Rejection of a Swiss National Park Project Using Data Analysis Triangulation

By André Bruggmann, Annina Helena Michel

This paper presents a novel analytical perspective on current conservation issues in the European Alps and opens up ground for further research on communication practices, their local embeddedness, and their...

Adaptation to Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Mountains

VOL 39 | NO 2
In progress

Mountains and mountain communities are critically affected by climate change. MRD aims to bring together a set of papers that…

The Role of Culture in Transformation Towards Sustainable Development in Mountains

VOL 39 | NO 4

Mountain communities are undergoing rapid sociocultural change, caused by drivers like outmigration, urbanization, and ...

MRD’s impact factor is consistently growing

According to Clarivate Analytics’ InCites Journal Citation Reports®, MRD’s 2-year impact factor has reached yet another all-time high at 1.388 (5-year: 1.701). We thank authors and reviewers for their...

Food Security and Sustainable Development in Mountains

VOL 38 | NO 4
November 2018

This issue presents options towards more sustainable food systems, like the nutrition-sensitive agriculture approach tested in several countries, and resilient multilocal livelihoods replacing subsistence...

Mountain Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

VOL 40 | NO 2

Mountain biodiversity provides billions of people with vital ecosystem services and sources of livelihoods. MRD is looking for papers that...

Focus Topics

Bruno Messerli, 17 September 1931 – 4 February 2019

In February, we said goodbye to a dear friend and mentor, an exceptional scientist who was capable of moving metaphorical mountains at all levels of action from the local to the...

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